GXXD LXCK was officially started in 2020, but its history begins in 2012. In 2012, Maxwell Lee created custom, one-of-a-kind converse. One for himself and one to sell. He worked very hard to get these converse as cheap as possible. He saw how well his drawings stayed on the canvas material, and like how the designs aged with the shoes. Classmates of his began to take notice, and ask him to draw on their shoes. With a few commissions, he would make more custom Converse and Vans for himself, before stopping and focusing on different creative endeavors.

In college, Lee customized a pair of shoes that he would wear constantly around campus. Inspired by the OFF WHITE converse collaboration, he began to create improv poems on these shoes; obscuring them with visual symbols. Similarly to Middle School, peers began to take notice and asked about these shoes as well. With all of the buzz around these shoes, Lee began once again customizing shoes, first starting as gifts for friends, then officially creating GXXD LXCK Shoes.